About Us

Have you ever had a piece of furniture you loved – only to have someone accidentally ruin it by simply forgetting to use a coaster? 

Oh you had coasters lying around – but somehow they didn’t get used. It happens. We all know it. 

Well, that happened to us with a brand new table we had just bought. The very first time we had people over it was irreparably damaged by a rogue coasterless glass.

That’s when it became personal. We went on a mission to solve this problem once and for all. 

As we dove into the dark underworld of condensation to expose its secrets and reveal its weaknesses, we realized it wasn’t just the damage to our poor unsuspecting furniture. 

We started to see the true chaos drink condensation was causing everywhere. 

You’re out on a dinner date. It’s going great. Life is grand. Then, one fateful sip of your margarita later and a Niagra falls of water drips from your glass onto your lap. Very unattractive. Date RUINED. Going home alone tonight.

You’re about to hang up some important artwork – when a misplaced iced tea suddenly ruins the one of a kind masterpiece, created by your 4-year old nephew (aka the next Pablo Picasso). History DESTROYED.

You realize you just won the biggest lottery jackpot in history– when your celebratory Johnny Walker Blue on the rocks cements it to your countertop. Fortune GONE.

Okay, that’s probably not going to happen, but you get the idea.

It’s everywhere  - And even when it doesn’t ruin things permanently it still creates an annoying mess to be cleaned up. 

Even when you use coasters, it still doesn’t solve the issue. Most of the time, water would just roll off the coaster. 

It all ends NOW. 

We set out on a mission to permanently rid the world of this costly annoyance.

And now, after endless tests of different materials, designs, temperatures, humidities, elevations, stains, dishwashers, colors, styles, beverages, and you name it - we designed the perfect glass. And patented it.

Other glasses are a part of the problem. The Coast Glass is the form AND function solution. 

No more puddles. No more more ruined tabletops. No wiping down surfaces. No more water rings.